Our innovative platform will help you reduce readmissions, improve the health of your population, and support your efforts in managing risk

Next Generation Healthcare
Delivery Platform

Fitango Health provides an patient centric, end-to-end, integrated Care Delivery Platform for chronic care and oncology, focusing on improving outcomes in a value-based environment

Highly Integrated Platform

Fitango Health provides a high level of integration in three major dimensions: 

Integrating Stakeholders 

Fitango health provides access and services to all stakeholders (the patient's care team, the patient, and members of their family) across the platform to promote communication 

Continuum of Care

The integrated platform covers the full continuum of care providing unique capabilities for each group on the continuum, from preventative through post-actute and chronic-care patients. 

Functional Integration

We believe that a strong integration between patient engagement, care management, and population health management is crucial in achieving the goals of any healthcare system. 

ActionPlans: From Healthcare to Self-Care


ActionPlans are health guides that combine educational materials with detailed daily activity instructions to encourage patients to be more self-sufficient in their health and wellness goals.


ActionPlans allow all stakeholders (care team, family, and friends) to effectively track and provide feedback on the performance of the patient, while improving adherence.

Fitango Health Solutions

We took our expertise in Patient Engagement and Care Management to create a platform that can be utilized by the following organizations to lower cost and improve health outcomes.

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