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Your expertise.
Now available in your patient's home.

When your patients' visits end, your expertise doesn't go home with them.

Fitango closes this gap, helping you to fill the space between visits
and provide optimal care to your patients at home.

Fitango Ensemble™, our API-based Patient Experience platform, easily embeds into your system to realize benefits in a matter of weeks.

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More than 90% of patient care happens at home.

Enable World-Class Patient Experiences at Home

Virtual care and telemedicine are moving fast, and patients are being left behind. Fitango helps healthcare organizations close the gap, enabling providers to expand the walls of the clinic into the patient's home. 

Fitango puts clinicians in the driver's seat by providing them with tools to deliver personalized care to patients at home. We help fill the space between visits - whether in-person or virtual - with tools to address the entire patient journey. 


With our active patient engagement, virtual care, health content management, and population health modules, clinicians can easily build custom digital workflows that enhance the patient experience at home and lead to better outcomes and higher patient satisfaction.

Patients have more say than ever about where they go for their healthcare and are demanding more interaction with the next wave of digital health technology.


Take the next step in your digital transformation with Fitango. Learn more about our product offerings below.

Fitango Ensemble

Our collection of API-based components, designed to improve the patient experience in health systems, hospitals, and healthcare organizations.

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Fitango Duo

Our instant-access, patient experience platform, designed for solo practitioners, health experts, and small health and wellness practices.

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Not sure which solution is right for you? 

Why Fitango Health?


Fill the Space Between Visits

Expand beyond the walls of the hospital or clinic to deliver superior patient experiences at home. With API-based technology, you can keep patients healthier, improve patient satisfaction, and reduce hospitalizations and ER visits.  

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End-to-End Patient Journey Support

Our products are built to support providers & patients throughout the health journey. Providers gain real-time insights through remote monitoring, active patient engagement, and predictive analytics, and deliver unmatched patient support with family & caregiver tools.

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Modular and Scalable Plug-and-Play APIs

Flexible technology allows you to implement a custom patient experience technology quickly, delivering maximum value to you and your patients. Enjoy infrastructure that integrates easily with existing systems  - no complicated implementations or siloed tech solutions.

Chart & Stethoscope

Everything You Need to Know about the Fitango Patient Experience

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