Reinventing Virtual Care

Fitango introduces a new breed of remote patient management:    ACTIVE Patient Engagement

What We Do

Prescribe Digital Health Content Just Like You Prescribe Medications

Fitango Health, an Israeli-American Virtual Care company, empowers patients by giving them an active role in their health journey. Our breakthrough technology enables physicians to build and prescribe a complete set of digital health assets, including care plans with detailed daily activities, recovery plans, educational materials, assessment, medication plans and more. 


Fitango Health offers HIPAA-compliant telehealth and a secure messaging system for instant communication among patients, providers, and care team members.

The Fitango Health platform integrates with existing EHR workflows and patient portals. It is easy to implement, simple to use, and fosters deepened patient-provider relationships and information sharing among all stakeholders. 

How We Do It

Fitango Health actively engages patients through the life cycle of building customized digital health content* to analyzing patient-reported outcomes and automated wearable-device data. Patients directly engage and complete daily activities plans, and can also communicate with their care team through telehealth and messaging features. Clinicians monitor patients' progress remotely and provide relevant interventions to decrease unnecessary inpatient utilization and associated costs.


Using the Fitango Studio, build personalized care plans for a multitude of use cases across the continuum of care. The Fitango Studio includes customizable Action Plans, Education Plans, Assessments, and Medication Plans that can be customized for individuals or cohorts of patients.

Interact and Prescribe

Interact with patients either in-person or with Zoom-integrated telehealth and prescribe digital health assets just like you'd prescribe medications at the time of the encounter. Digital content can be prescribed to individual patients or cohorts of patients directly from within the provider’s existing workflow.


Patients can self-report on all digital assets using interactive features. Bluetooth-enabled wearable devices can be connected to automatically collect and report patients’ biometric data. Patients provide a full picture into their recovery and progress outside of the clinic, with easy access using a web-based platform or on iOS or Android device.

Monitor and Communicate

Clinicians monitor patients remotely in real-time and can be alerted when a value, user-response or adherence level falls outside of defined ranges. Managers can monitor patients through secure messaging and have the ability to set up additional appointments as needed.


Clinicians can monitor metrics around adherence, engagement and other custom metrics such as biometrics and vitals for individual patients over time. Management can run customized reports to measure health outcomes and effectiveness of digital health tools, analyze trends and even make predictions on future metrics. 

*Digital health content is interactive, instructional and educational material designed to get patients directly involved in their health journey. Fitango enables various plan types, and can adapt content from any therapeutic area or use case across the care continuum. Digital health content can be prescribed directly to patients within the provider's existing workflow.

Implementing Our Solution

Fitango Health offers three options for simple and quick implementation. Be up-and-running with an active patient engagement solution right away, or in just a few weeks.

Learn more about each implementation option here:

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