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Fitango Behavioral Health

Behavioral health care is increasingly being delivered to patients at home with virtual care technology. Fitango Health supports behavioral health practices in their digital transformation.

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The Virtual Shift

Is your practice keeping up with the shift in demand to virtual behavioral health care delivery and support?

Core Benefits of Fitango Behavioral Health


Complete Virtual Care Platform

Fitango’s comprehensive virtual care platform enables you to implement telehealth, secure messaging, and patient engagement features for better digital patient interactions. Family members and caregivers also sit on the platform, unifying all stakeholders in the patient’s journey.


Customized Resource Library

Fitango features a robust content library inclusive of educational material, action plans, adaptive assessments and more for behavioral health in a variety of topics. Patients can search for relevant content or be prescribed digital plans to support their care journey.


Smart Assessments & AI-based Predictions

Fitango’s library includes behavioral health assessments that use smart logic to automatically determine scoring and trigger alerts to the care team when necessary. Using AI-based predictions, the system notifies the care team when scores trend into critical ranges or when specific patient responses should be addressed. 

Who is this solution for?

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Behavioral Health Patients

Patients access behavioral health resources and contact their providers through the Fitango platform. They engage with treatment plans and can complete relevant screenings and assessments in between virtual visits, all conducted on the platform.


Family members receive social support and resources through Fitango’s platform. Caregivers can access relevant educational material and report progress on behalf of patients when necessary. Family members, caregivers and patients can schedule and hold appointments directly on the platform.

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Everything You Need to Know about the Fitango Mental Health Solution

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