Precision Oncology

Fitango Health provides an end-to-end, oncology care and engagement platform focused on improving outcomes in a value-based environment. 

With innovative clinical decision support technology, combined with information about continually-renewed advancements in genetics, clinical trials, and treatments, clinicians are able to create custom, evidence-based, regimens for optimal personalized treatment plans. As an integrated platform, on the patient side, the platform ensures that patients and their families are informed and involved throughout the patient journey.

Decision-support, Care Coordination, and Patient Engagement on a Single Platform

The Fitango Oncology™ platform assists with care and task coordination that is interwoven into the process to create a communication hub for all stakeholders involved in the patient's ecosystem. 

By providing an all-in-one interactive repository of oncology information, physicians are able to determine the best treatment plan, streamline communication with stakeholders, and enhance patient engagement. 

Fitango Can Help With Your Clinical Decision-making 

Oncology centers and healthcare facilities can now use the Fitango Oncology™ platform and utilize the Pathways Builder to create custom treatment plans for providers and patients. Clinicians can also create clinical trials from inception with all the tools needed to track, manage, and analyze with the integrated platform. 

By building and prescribing custom treatment plans, the relationship with the patient is both active and engaged. And with our end-to-end engagement for all involved stakeholders, the application can be a true companion for the entire cancer journey. 

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Building Better Care 

Fitango Health offers various custom builders to allow oncology professionals and payers to ensure patients are receiving the best value-based care available. 

Oncology Pathway Builder 

Research physicians can create a custom oncology pathway based on their own process or on the requirements of the rare cases they may encounter. Clinicians are able to select from evidence-based care guidelines (such as NCCN, NCI, or ASCO) and create a custom care plan for the patient. 

Care Giver

Healthcare Facility



Clinical Decision


Treatment Plan,

Recovery Plan,

Care Plan



ActionPlan Builder 

Patients, or members of their family, can follow a personalized treatment and medication plan via the web or a mobile application set up for them by their care team. 


Medication Plan,

Discharge Plan

Create Custom

Patient Plans 



Healthcare Facility


Family Support

Empowering Patient's & Their Families 

The Fitango Oncology™ platform empowers not only patients, but also their family members. To satisfy this, the platform provides: 

Family Dashboard - Enable family members to be connected with the system to view and report on the patient's care plans 

ActionPlans - Build, publish, and prescribe custom ActionPlans to patients and/or their family members to report on and stay engaged

Medication Management - Manage the patient's medications and supplements 

Health Education - Access resources that focus on health, safety, and other important information

Biometric Tracking - Customize and track 200+ trackers with connection to any Bluetooth wearable device

Patient Alerts - Alert the care team about events and set reminders for scheduled activities 

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ActionPlans for Recovery

ActionPlans are interactive health guides created by health experts that contain a combination of educational material and daily activities. ActionPlans can range from Preventative Health (such as diets and exercise) to controlling an existing Medical Condition.  

Oncology ActionPlans include:

  • Navigating Your Cancer Diagnosis

  • Caring for Someone with Cancer

  • Cancer Journal

  • Recovering from a Mastectomy

  • My Breast Cancer Journal

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