Fitango PRO

Fitango PRO integrates Care Management and Patient Engagement for post-discharge process communications and patient-reported outcomes initiatives.

Empowering the Disengaged 

The Fitango Health platform empowers your population to become active participants in their own health and well being. To satisfy this, we have a rich toolkit to enable the user experience that includes custom ActionPlan creation, medication management, digital assessments and questionnaires, and health education. 


Three possible use cases: 



Patient Reported


Remote Patient



Discharge planners can now interactively empower patients to get involved in their recovery progress, all within one platform with dynamic tools to foster an intuitive and self-sufficient experience for patients.


Key Functionality 

  • Create and assign personalized ActionPlans, Medication Plans and Biometric Plans

  • Critical alert tracking with escalation 

  • Secure messaging and calendaring

  • Create and assign digital assessments, forms, or questionnaires 

  • Sort your population into specified cohorts for better management 

  • View insights of your population based off of engagement, adherence and compliance

Patient Reported Outcomes 

An engaging environment for a reporting of the status of a patient's health condition that comes directly from the patient through the utilization of Fitango Health's custom assessment builder process.


Highly Integrated Platform

Fitango Health provides a high level of integration in several dimensions: 

Functional Integration

We believe that a strong integration between patient engagement, care management, and population health management is crucial in achieving the goals of any healthcare system. 

Continuum of Care

The integrated platform covers the full continuum of care providing unique capabilities for each group on the continuum, from preventative through post-acute to chronic-care patients. 

Integrating Stakeholders

Fitango Health provides access and services to all stakeholders across the care management and patient engagement portals to promote communication  

Remote Patient Monitoring 

Fitango Health's platform provides seamless interoperability for tracking of more than 200 different types of goals, biometrics and remote processes, with device or wearables integration and automatic updates.


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