FitangoCARE allows healthcare institutions to better manage their population and coordinate care with a streamlined and integrated care management solution.

Digitizing the Interdisciplinary Team  

Fitango Health integrates health providers, patients, and caretakers on a single platform. This simplifies communication across all stakeholders, enables greater transparency, accountability and information sharing. For healthcare organizations, this means more effective patient management outside the hospital, greater coordination of patient care, higher levels of engagement, improved adherence and ultimately, better health outcomes.  


Two possible use cases: 

Long Term

Care Facilities 

Management of Durable

Medical Equipment 

Long Term Care Facilities 

Create custom plans for your patients, such as ADLs, Medications, and Physical Therapy, and assign them to home health aides, visiting nurses, or care givers. Easily track the progress of these plans on your dashboard and receive critical alerts if a patient is either hospitalized, has fallen, or whatever else that might deem critical. You can also use our custom Assessment and Form builder to assign assessments, such as a Risk Falls Assessment. 


Key Functionality 

  • Create and assign personalized Care Plans to care givers, home health aides, or providers 

  • Critical alert tracking with escalation 

  • Task assignment and tracking 

  • Create and assign digital assessments, forms, or questionnaires 

  • Protocol builder to create rules, order sets, and more 

  • Durable medical equipment management and claims authorization 

Durable Medical Equipment 


Allow your providers to create DME orders, complete with authorization and eligibility, and once those orders have been supplied, create an electronic 1500 form for claim management.


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