Fitango CDS comes equipped with numerous tools, such as a guideline builder and integrations to genomic data, to better aide in the treatment and decision support process of your organization  

Key Functionality 

  • Pathway/Guideline builder

  • Create personalized treatment plans for your patients 

  • Access to Tumor Boards and Clinical Trials 

  • Assign ActionPlans to your patients and their family members/care givers so they have all the educational resources they need 

  • Sort your population into specified cohorts for better management 

  • View insights of your population based off of engagement, adherence and compliance

Use Cases





Cardiovascular Discharge 

Create templates consisting of ActionPlans relating to Heart Attack, Stroke, etc. complete with a medication tracker as well as an area for patients to record their pulse rate, blood pressure, and whatever else they may need to track. Keep an eye on their health outside of your institution and easily create follow-up appointments. 

Diabetic Population Management

Keep track of your diabetic patients by assigning them Diabetes-specific ActionPlans, an area for them to track their oral medications as well as their insulin, and provide them an area to report on their blood glucose and sugar levels each day. Set up critical and normal ranges and receive critical alerts if a blood sugar level goes out of bounds. 


Keep track of your younger population outside of the home by assigning their parent/guardian an ActionPlan as well as kid-friendly education 


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