FitangoHealth allows providers to tackle patient care and management while providing a platform facilitating remote visits. Our telemedicine capabilities are augmented with highly interactive patient-centric care management, providing both care and accessibility between appointments.

  • Medication management tools and alerts sent to team members when doses are missed

  • Appointments and meetings for the entire team scheduled on the Universal Calendar to keep everyone on track

  • Patient engagement with their own healing and health for the best possible prognosis, and with their team for the maximum professional oversight

  • Increased accountability through the connection of all team members, including the patient and his family/support network

  • Careful oversight of large groups of patients and the management of complex interdisciplinary teams

Download a PDF Version of our MLTSS brochure here

Transitions of Care

A discharge plan is only as good as its execution. Help your patients stay on track by enlisting fitangoTRANSPLANT’s help with this crucial piece of strategy in your patient’s plan for recovery.

  • Each day, your patient or their caregiver will login to the system and enter their data into the custom-made discharge plan your team has created. These custom plans include:

  • Medication schedule with reminders

  • Vital measurements – temperature, weight, pain, side-effect issues

  • Diet

  • Exercise

  • Follow-up appointments and labs

  • Other miscellaneous routines and instructions

  • Data is available in real time and any data point outside the parameters will sound alerts in the system so the care team can proactively reach out and help as necessary.

  • Care team members receive alerts when patients fail to report on their discharge plan or medication schedule

  • Educational and motivational materials are available for optimal health, proper care, complication awareness

  • Ongoing support from the care team for both the patient and family, so necessary on their journey to the “new normal.”

2 Cohesive Paths to Ensure Patients are Taken Care of

Care Management 

Patient Engagement

Worklist for quick assignment and task prioritization

TimeLine overview of all care provided 

SmartNotes to share noteworthy details with the team 

Risk stratifications tools 

Assessment tools

Universal calendar

Advanced communication: secure video-conferencing, text, e-mail and phone

Dashboard with management and analytical tools 

CCM capability 

Motivators can be invited to the system to help patients stay on track

Alerts and reminders for medication, care plan reporting and appointments 

Planstore - a library of preventative health plans complete with lessons and trackers 

Educational materials with customizable source content

CareScore - a measurement of how engaged patients are with their care plans, allows for earlier detection of adherence risks 

Custom adherence programs based on behavioral economic principals 

Rewards, points and incentives built in

FitangoHealth integrates health providers, patients, and caretakers on a single platform. This simplifies communication across all stakeholders, enables greater transparency, accountability and

information sharing.


For Transplant Centers, this means more effective patient management outside the hospital, greater coordination of patient care, higher levels of engagement, improved adherence and ultimately, better health outcomes.  

One Single Platform

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