DME Referrals at any Point of Care

Fitango Health's Durable Medical Equipment (DME) Solution allows you to prescribe DME at any point of care.

Durable Medical Equipment (DME) Platform

Our DME solution electronically creates, receives, triages, and delivers DME to your patients home using our cost-effective and efficient workflow process. Whether you’re a health plan, discharge planner, a case manager, or a nurse at a short-term rehab facility, you can use our technology to submit DME orders and ensure that you get the product you want and the coverage you need for your patient. 

DME with just a few clicks, we take care of the rest!

  1. User submits a DME referral at the point of care. The DME referral is triaged to a best-in-class network of DME providers. We service Medicare and Medicaid patients across the country through a partnership with one of the nation's largest healthcare distribution channels

  2. Our partner, a third party administrator, takes eligibility and authorization off of your hands so that you can spend more time with your patients while we reduce the number of denials and incomplete claims 

  3. DME orders are tracked electronically for all stakeholders (including the patient) so that anyone can track the status of the DME order in real-time, from referral creation to delivery 

  4. Claims are submitted, adjudicated and paid through our platform

Advantages for Health Plan

  • A DME solution that identifies fraud, waste and abuse by HCPCS codes, yielding significant savings

  • An efficient process & operational workflow that streamlines credentialing and authorization, driving additional significant cost savings

  • Vast network capabilities (ie: McKesson) allows for best pricing for best-in-class DME network providers

  • Technology captures data on population, supports robust analytics, and enables continuous improvements in cost and quality

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