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FitangoENGAGE allows you to create and assign ActionPlans to your population. This out-of-the-box module can be incorporated into your existing platform or as a standalone on the Fitango platform.

Empowering the Disengaged 

The Fitango Health platform empowers your population to become active participants in their own health and well being. To satisfy this, we have a rich toolkit to enable the user experience that includes custom ActionPlan creation, medication management, personal goal creation, and health education. 


Two possible use cases: 

Population Engagement Dashboard 

ActionPlan Creation & Promotion 

Population Engagement

Allow your patients or members to sign up for a portal where they can learn about prevention, a specific medical condition, or a condition regarding their family member. ActionPlans can be built out and published to a Plan Store for easy downloading. Medication and biometric tracking is also available for your population to track their health. 


Key Functionality 

  • Create and assign personalized ActionPlans to your population 

  • Custom patient dashboard for reporting 

  • View real-time insights of your population based off of engagement, adherence and compliance

  • Receive analytics of your population segemented into disease state, demographics, and more 

  • iOS and Android mobile applications for all stakeholders 

  • Campaign, outreach and secure communication mechanisms 


ActionPlans are interactive health guides that combine educational components with detailed daily activity instructions to encourage users to be more self-sufficient in attaining their health and wellness journey. 

ActionPlans have the ability to be assigned to specific populations or downloaded by users from the ActionPlan Store. 

ActionPlans can also be promoted via ActionPlan cards or by digital web banners on your existing website to promote engagement. 


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