General Surgery Recovery for the Home Setting

Fitango Health can help your general surgery team substantially improve recovery outcomes and reduce costs by ensuring effecting post-discharge workflows.

Post-Acute Recovery Workflow

Discharge planners can now interactively empower patients to get involved in their recovery progress and foster an intuitive experience for patients to be self-sufficient in their path to improved health. By building or assigning custom ActionPlans as part of the discharge process, the relationship with the patient is active and personalized. 

ActionPlans for Recovery

ActionPlans are interactive health guides created by health experts that contain a combination of educational material and daily activities. ActionPlans can range from Preventative Health (such as diets and exercise) to controlling an existing Medical Condition.  

General Surgery ActionPlans include:

  • Preparing for Your Kidney Transplant

  • The Day Before Your Surgery

  • The Day of Your Surgery

  • Recovering from a MAZE Procedure

  • Following Your Surgery

  • Recovering from Your Kidney Transplant 

  • Recovering from Your Thyroid Surgery

  • Recovering from a TAVR Procedure

Download our General Surgery Brochure to learn more

Defining Your Surgery Process

Fitango Health understands the importance of a comprehensive discharge process for surgery events, such as the following:

  • Thyroid Surgery

  • Kidney Transplant

  • Endoscopy

Our integrated solution allows care managers to effortlessly create and assign custom plans to patients, including:

  • ActionPlans, Video Plans and Checklists 

  • Medication and Biometric Plans

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