Support all DME Workflows with one Digital Platform

Fitango Health and H&J Medical Supplies are partners in developing a single streamlined solution for the end-to-end durable medical equipment ordering process and are improving the process with enhanced analytics.

  • Point-of-Care through DME Provider: In collaboration with H&J Medical Supplies, Fitango Health created a platform for durable medical equipment (DME) providers to connect with DME prescribers and payers to unite all workflows on one cohesive digital platform.

  • Notifications: DME is prescribed on the Fitango Health platform and sent to the DME provider, who manage the DME order process directly within the platform. DME prescribers can receive email notifications with status updates around eligibility, authorization, through to successful item delivery.

  • Transparency: The platform allows for DME providers to communicate directly with DME prescribers in real-time through Fitango's in-platform messaging system. 

  • Patient Portal: Patients who are prescribed DME have transparency into the status of their orders throughout the process. With Fitango Health's Patient Portal, individuals can check their order status, see the number of refills on specific items, and access supporting educational materials and resources. 

  • Analytics: Aggregated data points captured throughout the ordering process allow DME providers and payers to analyze utilization and identify opportunities for cost savings.

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