Identify Patients at Risk

View daily analytical reports about your population and determine and predict the risk level of the patients that need the most care.

Health Analytics

Fitango Health provides you the tools needed to understand the changing health of your patient population over time. One way we do this is by identifying and stratifying risk segmented by a patient’s diagnoses, active conditions, age, socio-economic factors, or a combination of the aforementioned.

Identify and Analyze Risk

  • Risk Stratification and Scoring – Identify and stratify patient risk levels using a combination of diagnoses, conditions, demographic information and socioeconomic factors. Designate risk scores and assign patients to cohorts to manage based on risk-level.

  • Custom Reports – Run daily or weekly reports with custom fields for vital signs, biometric trackers, demographic information, engagement, and adherence metrics on entire populations or specific patient cohorts.

  • Predictive Analytics – Machine learning-based technology enables you to select a timeframe and predict if/when a patient might reach a critical biometric value or particular risk score.

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