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Fitango Health offers an end-to-end care management solution that can identify patients who pose the highest clinical risk. Our Patient Engagement solution can help achieve essential care management activities with actionable suggestions for risk intervention, thus reducing costs and improving quality of care. 

A Comprehensive, End-to-End, Integrated Platform

Fitango Health’s care management solution is a patient-centric, end-to-end, population health technology that focuses on five key areas: data integration, patient stratification, care coordination, patient engagement and performance metrics.

Advantages to Providers

Easily coordinate all activities with care teams on one platform using a simple mobile application on iOS or Android devices. 

Connect stakeholders across the continuum of care with interoperability across EHR and other legacy systems.


Monitor patients in real-time and send alerts and notifications via email, SMS or push notifications. Utilize Zoom video-conferencing to engage with your patients whenever and wherever you need to. 


Create patient cohorts, or subpopulations of patients who meet specific demographic or disease criteria, for targeted outreach, preventative health campaigns, and care management. 

Leverage Fitango Health’s technology to prescribe customized care plans or instructions, durable medical equipment, and social determinants of health at any point-of-care.

Core Functionality

Data Integration  Aggregates, analyzes and delivers data to the right people at the right time.

Patient Stratification  Uses a patient stratification process to identify risk level.

Care Coordination  Enables seamless care team communication and collaboration on patient assessments, care planning, and interventions.  

Patient Engagement  Mobile-first approach (iOS and Android) enables secure, real-time reporting on customized care plans, connection to biometric wireless devices, SMS appointment and medication reminders, medication adherence and educational tools and resources.

Performance Metrics  Reports on care management program effectiveness using metrics and measures appropriate to value-based contracting. 

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