Fitango Health is perfectly designed for the management of long term care clients whether in MLTSS, a PACE program or an “Aging in Place” model of care. Team members from multiple organizations, including providers and payers, can be involved in real time, intensive care management and clinical alerts sent to the entire team prevent unnecessary hospitalizations due to missed opportunities to intervene.

Quality Assurance

Home health providers access the member's Care Plan by logging in to Fitango, which sends time and location data to the system upon arrival and departure. 

  • GPS location-based reporting for  verifiable home health aide attendance

  • Higher levels of customer confidence and satisfaction

  • Enhanced quality of assurance and streamlined audits

  • Care Plan compliance measured by Care Score, identifying potential problems before they accelerate 

Long Term Care Benefits 

Efficient oversight and management of providers

Greater coordination of member care

Streamlined communication, documentation and visibility

Reductions in over-utilization through real-time clinical updates

Cost savings through expedited billing and audits 

More satisfied members and families

Care Management

By uniting all parties involved in a member's care, Fitango creates efficient, high-functioning teams through simplified communication and greater transparency. 

  • Care Plan access through the cloud from any device

  • Unparalleled visibility to care team activities

  • Work List,tools for task assignment & prioritization

  • Smart Team Notes for efficient communication

  • Secure communication - voice, video, text and e-mail

  • Family member access and oversight of care

  • Time Line and universal calendars for patient care teams

Download a PDF Version of our Long Term Care brochure here

One Single Platform 

Fitango integrates health providers, patients, and caretakers on a single platform. This simplifies communication across all stakeholders, enables greater transparency, accountability and information sharing.


For Long Term Care Organizations, this means more effective patient management outside the hospital, greater coordination of patient care, higher levels of engagement, improved adherence and ultimately, better health outcomes.  

Real-time Data

Set health parameters for vital signs and receive alerts when members are outside them

Receive real-time clinical data entered either manually or uploaded from Bluetooth devices 

Intervene in member care before hospitalization is necessary

Check on members from any device, anytime anywhere 


Care Management

Patient Engagement

Analytics & Outreach

Integrated, cross-functional Care Teams 

Custom Care Plans

Real time clinical updates & alerts

Anytime, anywhere access

Medication compliance tools 

Comprehensive adherence and motivational mechanisms

Action Plans for health improvement

Family & friend involvement

Segmentation by disease & demographics

Outreach campaigns for education

Analysis & course correction

Stratification by risk level



Increase patient adherence to medication and Care Plans with engaging compliance and motivational tools. 
Enhance collaboration among all stakeholders while better understanding the changing health of your patients over time. 
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