Fitango Health will help health payers learn about their member’s needs so that they can influence their behaviors effectively and provide them with the support they need.

Care Management

For your members who need it the most, Fitango helps provide comprehensive care and support.

  • Create a Care Team for each member that includes all of their providers, family members and even friends for a truly integrated approach

  • Design custom care plans for medication, biometrics, ADL, PT/OT, etc. or load them from another system 

  • Recieve real-time clinical updates and alerts for intervention before hospitalization is necessary 

  • Communicate, share information and align with comprehensive, streamlined communication through the platform 

Population Health Management

Efficient oversight and management of providers

Greater coordination of member care

Streamlined communication, documentation and visibility

Reductions in over-utilization through real-time clinical updates

Cost savings through expedited billing and audits 

More satisfied members and families

Member Engagement

Adherence is complex and individual, so Fitango provides a host of tools to help inspire your members to get with their programs. By uniting all parties involved in a member's care, Fitango creates efficient, high-functioning teams through simplified communication and greater transparency. 

  • Support medication and care plans with fun and social engagement experiences 

  • Designate family members & friends to act as "Motivators" to help keep their loved ones on track

  • Alert Care Team & Morivators of non-compliance

  • Check in with members regularly with video conferencing and messaging 

Fitango Health Facts 

Secure & HIPAA compliant

Cloud & mobile access

White-label & customizable

Connects with monitoring devices

Available in other languages 

Real-time Data

Access to accurate clinical data is critical to keep members healthy and out of the hospital. Fitango puts clinical updates in your hands as they are entered, warns you if there are issues and does so from your smart phone. 

  • Receive real-time clinical data entered either manually or uploaded from Bluetooth devices 

  • Set health parameters for vital signs and receive alerts when members are outside them 

  • Intervene in member care before hospitalization is necessary

  • Check on members from any device, anytime anywhere 

Download a PDF Version of our Payer brochure here

Care Management for

For your members who need it the most, Fitango Health helps provide comprehensive care and support. 

Real-time Alerts 

Receive real-time clinical alerts when patients report health data that's defined to be out of a safe range 

Data Analytics 

Understand the changing health of your patient population over time

Integrated Care Teams

Invite all relevant stakeholders to join the team regardless of institution or function 

Custom Care Plan Creation

Create custom Care Plans on our platform, or by importing them from another system, and assign the plans directly to the patient or an external provider

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