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Fitango Oncology™ supports cancer treatment at home

About Fitango Oncology™

Fitango Oncology™ provides a consolidated, comprehensive view of the cancer patient. Fitango supports both the clinician journey and the patient experience. Fitango Oncology™ helps to close gaps in existing provider workflows by expanding access to patients beyond the walls of the hospital, allowing oncology providers to monitor patients post-discharge.

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The Trend in Oncology

Oncology treatments are less expensive if successfully delivered from home, and patients stay healthier and happier receiving their treatment at home. Doctors need tools to keep up with the paradigm shift to oncological therapies for patients at home.

Core Benefits of Fitango Oncology™

Cover the full spectrum of oncology care with one solution. Fitango Oncology™'s integrated solution unifies the provider and patient journeys to support the full spectrum of oncology care delivery.

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AI-Based Clinical Decision Support

Brings together information from tumor boards, clinical data, EHRs, genetic information, clinical trials and publications, ASCO, NCCN and internal guidelines, and more, and enhances this data with patient-reported information to provide a holistic view of the patient and support informed clinical decision making.

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Active Patient Engagement

Closes a gap in existing provider workflows by expanding access to patients beyond the walls of the hospital, allowing oncology providers to monitor patients post-discharge. With Fitango’s patient engagement tools, clinicians can provide early interventions and reduce the likelihood for readmissions and adverse events.

Additional Benefits of Fitango Oncology™

Simplify the Clinical Decision-making Process
Marry Provider Workflows with Patient Engagement to Deliver Better, More Appropriate Treatment
Close a Specific Gap in Existing Workflows around Access to the Patient at Home
Incorporate Information in Easily Digestible Format for Clinicians
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Realize Time and Cost Savings and Reduce Readmission Rates
Increase Transparency into the Patient at Home for Better Preventative Care
Increase Adherence with Customized Treatment Plans
Save Costs on In-hospital Treatments
Improve Long-term Outcomes for Patients

Who is it for?


Michael, 68


Fitango Health helped support me and my family as I navigated my cancer diagnosis, chemotherapy, and recovery. It was extremely helpful to have a digital recovery plan to follow that I could access from my mobile device as I recovered from surgery and beyond to easily keep track of my progress.

Sample Plans Prescribed:

  • My Prostate Cancer Journal (Recovery Plan)

  • Urination Tracker (Action Plan)

  • Sex After Prostate Cancer (Education)

  • Post-Surgical Symptom Tracker (Assessment)

  • Caring for Someone with Cancer (Family Resource)

Rachel, 41


Fitango provides resources to help during the most challenging times. Throughout my breast cancer diagnosis, treatment, and recovery, Fitango helped my family understand each phase. I’m grateful to Fitango for helping me understand important subjects like what options were available to me after my mastectomy, and to provide mental health support and resources throughout the process.

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Sample Plans Prescribed:

  • Navigating Your Cancer Diagnosis (Education)

  • My Chemotherapy Journal (Recovery Plan)

  • Mastectomy and Breast Prosthesis (Education)

  • Body Image and Recovery after Mastectomy (Education)

  • Weekly Quality of Life Assessment (Assessment)

  • Screening Yourself for Breast Cancer (Family Resource)

Robert, 72


Fitango makes it easy to manage multiple conditions. It’s important for me to monitor my hypertension and diabetes as I progress through my treatment. With Fitango, I can monitor all of my conditions with one easy-to-use app on my phone, making it easy for me and my doctors to understand the full picture as I receive my cancer care.

Sample Plans Prescribed:

  • Using Your Colostomy Bag & Using the Bathroom After Colorectal Surgery (Education)

  • Colon Cancer Recovery Diet Plan (Recovery Plan)

  • Controlling Hypertension (Action Plan)

  • The End of Diabetes Meal Plan (Action Plan)

  • Post-Surgical Assessment (Assessment)

  • Getting a Routine Colonoscopy (Family Resource)

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Other Fitango Oncology™ Users



Fitango provides the resources for patients to feel comfortable understanding their treatment plans and receiving chemotherapy and cancer treatment from home, with the ability to report easily from their devices on progress and tolerance to treatments. Patients can connect directly with care teams and all stakeholders involved in their care.



Fitango provides an end-to-end physician workflow and treatment delivery solution. Fitango’s AI-based clinical decision support mechanism proactively delivers the most relevant, patient-specific information to clinicians and unifies data from multiple sources on one platform, saving time while helping clinicians to make the best and most appropriate clinical decisions and treatment regimens.



Caregivers and family members sit on the same platform as patients and clinicians, allowing them to motivate and aid in care delivery from home. Caregivers can easily connect with care team members and access educational material, social support resources, and communities in the platform.


Care Team

With Fitango, care team members can assist in the care management process throughout the provision of treatment. Team members can schedule appointments (either by telehealth or in-person), prescribe educational material and treatment and recovery plans, and help monitor patients’ progress and identify when an intervention is needed.

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Everything You Need to Know about the Fitango Oncology Solution

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