Fitango Health for Oncology

Fitango Health's integrated platform provides an end-to-end oncology decision support, care management and patient engagement focusing on improving outcomes in a value-based environment

Discharge & Recovery Workflow 

Discharge planners can now interactively empower patients and their selected family members to get involved in their recovery progress, all within one platform. 

The platform supports dynamic tools that foster an intuitive experience for patients to be self-sufficient in their path to improved health. 

Action Plans for Recovery

ActionPlans are interactive health guides created by health experts that contain a combination of educational material and daily activities. ActionPlans can range from Preventative Health (such as diets and exercise) to controlling an existing Medical Condition.  

Pediatric ActionPlans include:

  • Preventing Type 2 Diabetes in Children 

  • Controlling Type 2 Diabetes in Children 

  • Caring for a Child with Asthma 

  • Controlling Type 1 Diabetes in Children 

Download our Pediatric Brochure to learn more

Empowering the Family

The Fitango platform empowers not only your patients but also their family members. To satisfy this, the platform provides a rich toolkit to enable a brand new patient and family experience. 

Family Dashboard - Family members will be able to connect with the system to view and report on the patient's plans

Health Education - Resources focusing on health, safety, and other preventative measures

Medication Management - Manage the patient's medications and supplements with reminders 

Patient Alerts - Alert the care team about events and set reminders for scheduled activities 

Biometric Tracking - Customize and track more than 200 trackers with connection to any Bluetooth device 

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