Fitango Health's API

Fitango Health's API Solution

Utilize Fitango Health's full suite of custom APIs to easily integrate with your organization's existing solutions and workflows. 

Select from any combination of our APIs to address your organization's needs. Access APIs to quickly incorporate Fitango Health's features into your own software platforms. Infrastructure APIs are required and additional API groupings are entirely customizable.

Fitango Health uses GraphQL for our entire API offering and all APIs are fully enabled on iOS and Android mobile devices. 

Close gaps in provider workflows and actively engage patients with quick, easy API integrations!

Action Plan Building, Executing, and Monitoring

Create personalized interactive health guides that provide daily instructions and health trackers to support patients in disease management, post-acute recovery, general wellness, and more

Assessment Building, Executing, and Monitoring

Configure smart assessments and surveys with business rules logic that create system triggers based on patient-reported responses

Education Plan Building, Executing, and Monitoring

Create and assign educational materials to patients and their families that can be customized on a day-to-day or interval basis

Telehealth and Appointments

Seamlessly schedule and conduct telehealth and in-person visits. Clinical information is pushed to the patient record and instructions are prescribed directly to patients

Medication Management

Track medication adherence with tools for patients to manage medications with alerts and reminders. Capture adverse effects and dosage over time.

Gamification and Support

Encourage engagement and healthy behaviors with motivational support and rewards. Create and manage incentives to reach specific health goals and track progress


Using AI and machine-learning technology, health analytics tools predict patient outcomes based on previous medical history and report data fields can be customized

Campaign Management

Send outreach campaigns with screenings and resources via email or SMS to customized cohorts of individuals for population-level management

Secure Messaging

Directly communicate with patients and care team members via a secure network

Alerts, Notifications, and Escalation Management

Receive real-time updates triggered by patient-reported or system data and escalate emergent issues to local services for immediate action

Tasks and Follow-Ups

Assign tasks and follow-up items to care team members. Receive real-time status updates and manage workflows

System Management

Enable the full suite of features or a combination of specific modules based on your organization's needs

DME Management

Multi-functional API for DME ordering, tracking, and billing. The system will return the required fields in order to fully process a DME order.  

Preemptive Screening

Identify sub-populations for targeted outreach and divide patients into cohorts based on screening responses and demographic information

Chart & Stethoscope

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