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Ensemble - Fitango Health's API Technology

Active Patient Engagement APIs allow users to seamlessly integrate Fitango Health features into your patient management offerings, expanding your offering beyond traditional patient management to actively engage patients outside the walls of the clinic.

The Fitango API is the cornerstone of the Ensemble platform. It allows building modular, on-demand systems that conform to the needs of your organization.  API provides the building blocks that lay the foundation for a robust yet flexible application.

Fitango API is based on GraphQL, a well-known and respected query language that allows efficiently managing data and handling information requests. It is easy to use, contains multitudes of options, and is compatible with both web and mobile devices.

What's the (end)point?

Once connected to our base URL, also known as the the API endpoint, you'll have access to everything we have to offer.


All requests have to be made over a secure connection (HTTPS), as we do not provide a non-secure option. We take your (and our) security seriously.

Let's be fast friends.

What you can see and explore here is meant to be a brief introduction to our API. You can always access the complete reference whenever you need it. It is not meant to be a comprehensive overview, but a glance at what is possible.


Fitango Ensemble APIs are arranged into five categories:


I. Active Patient and Family Engagement

II. Virtual Care

III. Population Health

IV. Health Content Management System

V. Infrastructure and System Management


Let's dive in. You can see some examples of our APIs below. Click on any topic to the left to learn more.

Assign tasks and follow-up items to care team members, as well as receive real-time status updates and manage workflows

An analytic report can be generated based on several modes: reported, calculated, and predicted

Medication Management

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