Fitango Health for Payers

Increase member engagement and improve value-based healthcare outcomes with Fitango Health’s comprehensive care management and member engagement tools.

Support your Population Across the Continuum of Care

Leverage disruptive Active Member Engagement tools, conduct preventative screenings and campaigns, conduct targeted outreach to member cohorts, and leverage care management tools to help reduce costs and lower risk in your population.

Benefits to Payers

Fitango Health’s solution for payers allows you to engage with your membership via web browser and on iOS or Android devices. 


Improve member engagement with direct outreach via email or SMS.


Payers can create member cohorts, or sub-populations of members who meet specific demographic or disease criteria, for targeted outreach, preventative health campaigns, and care management. 


Fitango Health can seamlessly integrate with other data sources and legacy systems.


Payers can leverage Fitango Health’s technology to manage member referrals at any point-of-care and can engage members remotely using Fitango Health’s telehealth capabilities.

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Products for Payers

Custom Assessments & Action Plans – Help manage members’ conditions proactively by enrolling them in Action Plans that provide custom educational resources and self-reporting tools for members to track their own progress and health. Configure custom assessments for members to self-report or for care managers to capture member information.

Cohorts - Create custom cohorts based on specific member demographic information, diagnoses, conditions, and claims data via integration. Assign Care Managers to specific cohorts and overlay care management workflows for targeted care. Provide care management to at-risk cohorts. 

Risk Stratification & Scoring – Identify and stratify member risk levels using a combination of diagnoses, conditions, demographic information and socioeconomic factors. Designate risk scores and assign patients to cohorts based on risk-level.

Member Platform – Members can access their health information directly through Fitango Health’s robust member engagement portal. Care Managers can assign assessments, Action Plans, and Trackers directly to members. Members can request appointments and communicate directly with Care Managers using messaging functionality. Members can track their medications, referrals and DME orders, and allow family members and other motivators or care givers access.

Alerts and Notifications - Send alerts to care team or family members when biometrics and vital signs fall in and out of customized critical ranges.

Telehealth – Schedule appointments and follow-ups through the Fitango Health platform for in-person meetings, telephone calls, and video conferences. Leverage Fitango Health’s HIPAA-compliant integration with Zoom Video Conferencing to connect with members remotely over video.

Screenings – Send assessments and follow-ups directly to member subpopulations. Broaden your reach by sending directly via email or SMS.

Campaigns – Schedule Campaigns for health initiatives and target specific member cohorts to engage them in preventative health measures and reduce risk levels. 

AI & Machine-Learning – Deploy AI and machine-learning to improve risk stratification, helping to identify and reach newly at-risk populations, and for predictive analytics and reporting

Care Management

Member Engagement

Remote Patient Monitoring

Preventative Screenings

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