Close gaps in provider workflows and actively engage patients with quick, easy integrations

Fitango supports easy, API-based integration for all of its modules and features. Integrate some or all of Fitango’s features directly into existing workflows and systems.

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Active Patient Engagement

Just like prescribing medications, Fitango Health enables providers to prescribe multiple digital health assets including:

  •  Recovery plans

  • Action plans

  • Educational material

  • Adaptive assessments

  • Vitals plans

  • Medication plans


Patients actively report on their care plans and providers receive updates in real-time, enabling you to close the loop on remote monitoring activities and take patient engagement to the next level. Help patients to reach their goals and Achieve It with Fitango's Active Patient Engagement.

Doctor's Clinic

Clinician Journey

Fitango enables clinicians to deliver the best care to patients at the point-of-care and at home. Fitango closes gaps in existing provider workflows by expanding access to patients beyond the walls of the hospital, allowing providers to monitor patients post-discharge. With Fitango’s patient engagement tools, clinicians can provide early interventions and reduce the likelihood for readmissions and adverse events.

Old Friends

Population Health

Fitango Health’s Population Health module features robust capabilities for managing cohorts of patients. Features include predictive analytics, custom reporting, preventative population-level screenings and outreach campaigns.


Our API Made for Your EHR

Select and easily integrate all or some of Fitango’s product suite into your EHR or existing software solutions. With Fitango's modular products,  you can start small and scale as needed over time. Use existing interfaces and EHRs so workflow is not disrupted.

Benefits of an API structure: 

  • Allows you to be up-and-running in a matter of weeks

  • Permits easy integration into existing EHR systems through custom, modular implementation

  • Address specific gaps in your workflow with a tailored solution

  • Start with a targeted, efficient implementation and easily scale as needs evolve


Select Modules from Fitango’s Product Suite

Fitango’s API has modules for Active Patient Engagement, Population Health, and Infrastructure. Select modules that solve specific problems in your existing workflow and address gaps through an easy integration with Fitango.


Integrate within a Matter of Days

Fitango’s platform is built for quick and easy integration. The Fitango team will provide the relevant code for accessing its functionality through an API call. Fitango’s team works with IT departments to ensure successful integration.


Implement Active Patient Engagement

Fitango’s patient engagement tools empower patients and their families to be active participants in their care journey. Providers and patients interact across the continuum of care, leading to better health outcomes for patients and lower costs for providers.