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What is Active Patient Engagement?

Just like prescribing medications, Fitango Health enables providers to prescribe various digital health assets including educational materials, care plans, assessments, medication management, and more. Patients actively report on their care plans and providers can receive updates in real-time, enabling you to close the loop on remote monitoring activities and take patient engagement to the next level.  


Our platform provides a comprehensive design studio where digital health assets can be built to meet the provider’s or organization’s specific needs. Once prescribed, providers can monitor their patients for adherence, communicate with them when necessary, and more.

Active Patient Engagement

Create comprehensive Care Plans using the Action Plan, Education Plan, and Assessment elements so your patients can access all the resources they need to be actively engaged in one place

Care Plans

Action Plans

Personalized interactive health guides that provide daily instructions and health trackers to support patients in disease management, post-acute recovery, general wellness and more

Education Plans

Educational materials created and assigned to patients and their families that can be customized on a day-to-day or interval basis


Smart assessments and
surveys configured with
business rules logic that
create system triggers based on patient-reported


The Fitango Health Studio allows for the creation of unique and personalized engagement elements that can be prescribed to your patients or to groups of cohorts

Additional Features that Support Active Patient Engagement

Telehealth and Appointments: Allow patients to request appointments and engage with their providers via Telehealth

Secure Messaging: Directly communicate with patients and care team members via a secure network

Active Patient Engagement Features: Fitango Health offers a variety of unique plans to prescribe to your patients.

Medication Management: Track medication adherence with tools for patients to manage medications with alerts and reminders. Capture adverse effects and dosage over time.

Alerts, Notifications, and Escalation Management: Ability to receive real-time updates triggered by patient-reported or system data and escalate emergent issues to local services for immediate action

Gamification and Support: Encourage engagement and healthy behaviors with motivational support and rewards. Create and manage incentives to reach specific health goals and track progress

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