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Controlling Diabetes with the Use of Technology

Diabetes is a major public health concern that touches millions of American lives, and the rates of new cases steadily increases every year. According to the CDC, a total of 29.1 million people currently have diabetes, and only 21 million of those are clinically diagnosed leaving 8.1 million people unaware of their own diabetes. These statistics are troubling since diabetes can have devastating health and emotional consequences on diabetics and their loved ones.

While diabetes may be on the rise, the technology to manage diabetes is also rapidly developing. This is good news for diabetics because it empowers them to take their health into their own hands and better monitor their condition. Some advancements include improvements to insulin pumps and glucose monitors. In the past, insulin pumps were bulky, prone to clogging, and not discreet. Today insulin pumps are much sleeker, accurate, and more reliable. Similarly glucose monitors have become much more efficient and user friendly. Instead of carry around a cumbersome monitor like diabetics did in the 1990's, diabetics now have the option of plugging a small glucose monitor attachment into their smartphone to read their glucose levels.

These technological advances were caused by a need for more convenient and easier diabetes management tools. Fitango Health understands these needs and has created its own system to empower diabetics to better manage their disease. Through the Fitango platform users can track their glucose levels, set insulin reminders to be sent via email or text message, and share their glucose levels with their physician. Fitango users can also invite motivators (their friends or family) to join the platform so that the motivators can provide support and also ensure the user is keeping up with their diabetes monitoring.

Fitango also offers diabetes ActionPlans which provide the user with health tips, trackers, diabetes-friendly shopping lists, and other helpful tools. Fitango Health is contributing to the rise of diabetes management technology, in the hopes of helping the 29.1 million Americans who are affected by this disease.

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