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ActionPlans for Orthopedic Recovery

“Orthopedics” refers to the medical field that deals with the musculoskeletal system, mainly the repair of bones and muscles. Orthopedic surgery is any surgery that treats muscle or bone related injuries such as ACL repairs, knee arthroscopic surgery, or hip replacements. Every year more than 5 million Americans undergo orthopedic surgery and this number is expected to grow as the population continues to increase especially as older adults live longer.

Fortunately due to technological advancements orthopedic surgeries are becoming less invasive, leading to shorter recovery times. Often the majority of a patient’s postoperative recovery is done by themselves at home with occasional check-ins with his/her physician or physical therapist. When patients choose to rehabilitate at home, it’s important they monitor their recovery by tracking various elements of their recovery such as exercises, pain level, and mobility.

Fitango Health offers its patients tools and resources in the form of “ActionPlans” to empower patients to take control of their post-op recovery. The Fitango Health platform includes an ActionPlan catalog filled with lesson, plans, and trackers to help patients rehabilitate following a variety of orthopedic surgeries.

Patients can input data - such as steps walked, miles ran, or minutes spent stretching - into their custom made tracker so they can monitor their progress and share their results with their physician. Furthermore patients can use daily pain and mood scales to indicate their physical and emotional wellbeing as they progress through their recovery. Through its platform Fitango Health works to connect orthopedic patients to their doctors, and enable patients to control their postoperative recovery.

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