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ActionPlans Provide Education & Encouragement for Oncology Patients

Cancer touches the lives of millions of Americans every year. According to the National Cancer Institute, 1.6 million Americans receive some type of cancer diagnosis annually. Fortunately, oncology has made great strides in improving a cancer patient’s outlook. Studies by the NIH show the overall cancer death rate has declined since the 1990's, thanks in large part to cancer awareness campaigns, earlier screenings, and improved treatment strategies.

While many aspects of cancer treatment take place within the confines of a doctor’s office, oncologists are rapidly learning about the benefit of cancer treatment within a patient’s home setting. Cancer patients often take their prescribed medications and research their cancer in the comfort of their own home.

Fitango Health understands the importance of doctor/patient communication as well as a patient’s desire for treatment in their own home. The Fitango Health platform offers patients a wealth of resources to enable them on their cancer recovery journey. Patients can set reminders on when to take their medication and share their medication adherence with their physician. Patients also have the option of scheduling an appointment or communicating directly to their doctor through the Fitango Health platform.

ActionPlans are available through the ActionPlan store which provide patients with high level overviews of how cancer develops, what treatment options are available, and trackers to record their recovery process.

With tools such as medication trackers, ActionPlans, and secure doctor to patient communication lines, Fitango Health aims to empower cancer patients and improve communication so the bulk of care can be done in the community setting.

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