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Technology: The New Frontier in Healthcare

What’s new in healthcare? Lots!

Healthcare is a rapidly evolving field due to technological advances which are allowing patients and stakeholders to connect more efficiently. Thanks to developments in technology and data, the number of telemedicine, wearable technology, and digital health app companies have surged over the last few years. These digital health products only continue to rise in popularity because they easily engage patients and allow users to gain more control over their health data. Now tech companies, pharmaceuticals, and hospitals are taking notice.

Tech companies are utilizing advanced technology to connect patients to physicians as well as give patients more insight into their own health. Companies, like Fitbit, that produce wearable medical devices, are increasingly popular because they provide the wearer with easy access to their health statistics such as steps taken, heart rate, and calories burned. Just years earlier, a patient would need a doctor’s appointment to attain this data; now he/she can access this info just by looking at their wrist.

Pharmaceutical companies are also catching on to the health tech craze. Digital health can allow pharma companies to speed up their drug trial processes by offering better communication with patients and optimized data collection. By aggregating data patients or clinical trials provide through mobile health apps, pharma companies gain insight into a drug’s efficacy and patient satisfaction. Additionally, pharma companies can analyze health data to study healthcare hurdles like patient engagement methods or medication adherence strategies and utilize this data to improve population health.

Pharma companies aren’t the only stakeholders hoping digital health will improve population health. Hospitals are also exploring how health related technology can improve patient outcomes on a mass scale. As hospitals prioritize value based care, patient satisfaction is becoming more of a priority than ever before. One of the most effective ways to improve value based care is to increase patient engagement. To do so, many hospitals are adopting patient platforms, telemedicine, and mobile health apps to better engage, monitor and communicate with patients.

Fitango Health understands the benefits of digital healthcare and is at the forefront of bringing healthcare technology to stakeholders. Fitango Health’s patient portal allows patients to monitor their health statistics and enables a user to set goals for themselves. Statistics aggregated by Fitango allow stakeholders to analyze trends among their population to create meaningful solutions within healthcare. And the Fitango Health platform allows doctors to easily communicate with patients and promote consistent patient engagement. By joining the digital health revolution Fitango Health is providing care solutions beyond the traditional points of care.

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