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Fitango Health Extends Platform For Pediatric Providers

Fitango Health, a leading provider of digital health technology, released an innovative module today to support pediatric hospitals and departments in a complex or post-acute setting. The new engagement offering for parents and families allows a child’s primary caregivers to be fully engaged and supported with resources and educational content for the care process. The platform guides family members through their child’s stages of recovery with interactive care plans and provides communication functionality that supports a consistent interaction with their care team.

“Over the last few years, family members who serve as caregivers have become an important component in improving the overall population’s health and supporting value-based initiatives,” stated Dr. Dov Biran, CEO at Fitango Health. “This is especially true for pediatric care and Fitango Health aims to fill the platform void by providing a hub for parents who need to connect with providers on a consistent basis.”

With the enhanced Fitango Health solution, family members can access an engagement module to report on interactive, custom care plans and learn preventative measures through educational communities or social determinants of health resources. Care providers and discharge planners can prescribe and track a child’s biometrics, medication adherence, and other critical information through patient alerts, email, text, and telemedicine elements in the system.

The full Fitango Health suite helps patients better understand and be more involved in their health through a range of engagement mechanisms. Pediatric care professionals can build, publish, and prescribe custom ActionPlans for family members to follow along and monitor the child’s progress. Fitango Health also helps providers understand and address the ever-changing health of their patient populations with the platform’s analytics and outreach capabilities.

“Fitango Health’s collaborative system allows providers to extend care beyond their point-of-care facilities and provides a mechanism to intervene with pediatric patients to ensure improved outcomes with reduced readmissions,” said Matt Morris, COO at Fitango Health.

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