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Five Important Indicators of Elderly Health

Aging gracefully? It’s possible! Keeping a keen eye on elderly health will help catch problems before they get worse and allow healthy aging to take place. Being proactive with your own health—or the health of an elderly loved one—as you age ensures you’ll have more better days ahead.

At Fitango Health, we help monitor several common factors that contribute to elderly health. Keep track of these 5 important items to manage your health for the long-term.

1. Watch out for falls

According to the National Council on Aging, falls are the leading cause of fatal and non-fatal injuries to older adults. While many falls only result in minor injuries, the experience is often frightening, leading to restricted activities. Fear of falling prevents you from taking the steps you need to prevent future falls, like searching for underlying risks and health problems. Often, falls result from lack of strength or balance, which can be corrected with physical therapy.

2. Fading memory

As people age, it’s normal to be worried about Alzheimer’s disease or dementia. But not all decreases in brain function are so severe. Some are related to medications while others are linked to thyroid problems. Having your senior evaluated will help them get back on track and can pave the way toward promoting brain health.

3. Signs of depression

For older adults, depression can impede the healing of other chronic health problems and pains. Notably, anhedonia is present in the elderly that are depressed. Anhedonia, or the inability to feel pleasure, can lead to depression. When elderly individuals stop engaging in activities that once brought them pleasure, it’s time for an evaluation so that medication and psychotherapy can be prescribed as needed.

4. Pain that interferes with life

The greater portion of adults over the age of 65 endure troubling pains throughout their bodies. This persistent pain also leads to less social interaction and physical activity. Pain is a signal that requires examination to identify underlying issues. Not all pain needs to be remedied with medication, though. Studies have shown that psychotherapy, exercise, and physical therapy can be beneficial for pain management.

5. Increasing isolation and loneliness

And finally, one of the most concerning areas for elderly health is that of isolation and loneliness. These have both been linked to a decline in physical health. Studies on loneliness found that over the course of 6 years, lonely participants had a greater chance of losing their physical capabilities or dying.

Above all, if you are 65 or older or care for someone that is, managing these 5 areas of concern is paramount to longevity and a better quality of life. The way we look at aging needs to shift to encourage more activity, more enjoyment, and more socialization while meeting health concerns head on to stop them from snowballing into something far more serious down the road.

Digital Health and Elderly Care

Fitango Health helps care providers, families and caregivers facilitate elderly care with easy-to-use digital health tools. With Fitango Health’s digital assessments, care providers can easily create and prescribe screenings for at-risk populations like the elderly. Individuals, family members and caregivers can easily complete screenings and receive instant feedback and tailored resources, as well as recommendations for when to contact a provider for further examination. Providers can track things like brain function, mood and pain levels over time with assessments that are completed at home and can be notified when certain metrics fall out of normal range. Fitango makes it easy for patients to report, and easy for providers to evaluate results.

Additionally, Fitango Health’s active patient engagement tools support treatments that can help prevent falls, like physical therapy and exercise. Individuals can enroll in action plans that provide daily instructions for exercising at home, decreasing the likelihood of falls, improving physical health and mobility, and managing pain. Fitango Health can also be used by physical therapists to monitor and prescribe treatments for patients while they recover at home.

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