Fitango Health has launched a COVID-19 screening and population health solution.

An End-to-End Screening Process

Engage your population directly with custom screenings, determine and predict the risk level of patients, and manage patient cohorts to provide targeted recommendations and a superior level of care.

Our COVID-19 Solution

Connect with your patients while preventing the spread of COVID-19 with our comprehensive screening tool.

Preventative Screening and  

Campaign Management

Enhance your preventive screening efforts, locate and manage at-risk members, and engage the healthy with educational resources. 

Population Health and Cohort Management

The preventative screening workflow includes a simple, smart assessment that leverages our BRAHMS (Business Rules & Alert Handling Management System) to configure assessment rules and logic. The assessment can immediately generate recommendations and actionable next steps.


Furthermore, populations can be segmented into custom cohorts and managed at the cohort level. Managers can target specific subpopulations with proactive outreach campaigns. 

COVID-19 Solution

  • Create a Target List for COVID-19 screening.

  • Assign the CDC guidelines survey to your target list.

  • Place individuals into Custom Cohorts- healthy or COVID-19 vulnerable populations.

  • Assign Care Managers to Cohorts.

  • Engage cohorts with educational  information, resources, and tools.

  • Schedule campaigns for follow-ups and outreach.

  • Analyze population data with our analytic tools. 

  • Leverage AI & machine-learning to further refine risk stratification.

Use Case: Colon Cancer

Our technology can be applied in a variety of use cases to conduct preventative health campaigns and to track social determinants of health.

  • Create a Target List for colon cancer screening.

  • Assign the screening assessment to your target list.

  • Place individuals into Custom Cohorts- Healthy or At-Risk populations.

  • Assign Care Managers to Cohorts.

  • Engage cohorts with Action Plans- our interactive health guides. 

  • Analyze population data with our analytic tools. 

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