Empower Patients

Monitor patients outside of the clinical settings in real-time while increasing patient satisfaction and reducing readmissions.

Remote Patient Monitoring

The Fitango Health platform empowers your population to become active participants in their own health and well being. To satisfy this, we have a rich toolkit that includes custom Action Plans, Education Plans, Medication Management, and Dynamic Assessments.

A Unique ROI Opportunity

Implementing our RPM can help you earn up to $150+ per patient per month

Implement remote patient monitoring

  • Extend care beyond the point-of-care and improve patient outcomes

  • Collect actionable biometric data via Bluetooth-enabled wearable devices

  • Provide early interventions and prevent unnecessary hospital admissions

Fitango Health’s technology is built to support RPM requirements needed for CMS billing

  • Interact directly with patients via telehealth and videoconferencing

  • Integrate with wireless Bluetooth-enabled devices

  • Review real-time biometric data in the platform

  • Create alerts and notifications to care teams and family members based on biometric tracking parameters

Code 99453: Initial Set-Up & Education

Reimbursement for initial set up and patient education for use of remote monitoring equipment

  • One-time reimbursement billed once per episode of care (one episode of care must be at least 16 days in length)

  • Must provide interactive patient education or physical demonstration

  • $18.77 per patient

Code 99454: Equipment Supply

Reimbursement for supply of remote monitoring equipment

  • Device must be defined by the FDA as a medical device

  • Minimum of 16 days of reading

  • Can be billed once each 30 days

  • $62.44 per patient

Track Patients in Real Time

  • Wearables Integration  Sync wearable devices to Fitango Health’s system to track patient biometric data and monitor vital signs.

  • Alerts and Notifications  Send alerts to care team or family members when biometrics and vital signs fall in and out of customized critical ranges.

  • Telehealth – Schedule appointments and follow-ups through the Fitango Health platform for in-person meetings, telephone calls, and video conferences.

  • Zoom Integration – Leverage Fitango Health’s HIPAA-compliant integration with Zoom Video Conferencing to connect with patients remotely over video.

Monitor Patients with Bluetooth-Enabled Devices

  • Control healthcare costs.

  • Improve quality of life. 

  • Increase access to care for patients in underserved areas.

  • Sending data from patients to health professionals in real time.

  • Help manage value-based risk associated with large patient populations with chronic conditions.

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