Feeding Plans for Children with Eating Disorders


Fitango Health's technology supports children and their families using custom-built feeding plans and assessments to easily track activity and help remotely monitor conditions to supply early interventions.  

  • Feeding Plan: Fitango Health created an easy-to-use, digital means of tracking feeding behaviors and total food consumption. This enables families of sick children to more accurately and efficiently provide care and report valuable information to St. Mary's. Feeding Plans and assessments are accessible via web or iOS and Android application.

  • Assessments: St. Mary's utilizes Fitango's assessment tool to build and assign assessments to parents of children who have been recently discharged from the hospital. Staff members assign the assessment for a customized period of time, and parents are prompted to complete the assessment via SMS, email, or platform push notifications. 

  • Telehealth: Through the Fitango Health platform, the St. Mary's team has a safe and secure way of communicating with the parents outside of the hospital with an end-to-end telemedicine workflow.

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