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The Fitango Health platform provides an integrated approach to care, allowing a patient’s providers, family and friends to come together and form a digital Care Team. This innovative approach increases the efficiency of your team while improving the care provided by your center.

Pre-Transplant Solutions

Fitango Health can help you achieve the high levels of engagement necessary to optimize patients for inclusion on your list. The platform also helps patient’s maintain their health over time. 

  • Communicate directly with patients regarding health and adherence issues

  • Schedule medication reminders and alerts

  • Monitor vital measurement trends (temperature, blood pressure, pain, etc.)

  • Support patients with educational materials, community discussion boards and ActionPlans

  • Create populations, save queries and execute campaigns for your population

Pre-Transplant Solutions

It is essential to manage your patients as closely in the long-term, post-transplant phase as it is in the weeks immediately following the procedure. Fitango has tools for all phases of recovery:

  • Communicate through the platform with your patients and their care team via email, instant chat and video to ensure streamlined and comprehensive care

  • Reduce complications by allowing patients or their loved ones to instantly report any health issues or medication side-effects

  • Disclose prescription changes to patients and their outside providers

  • Engage family, friends and “Motivators” to keep patients on track for long-term health and wellbeing

Transplant Centers

Fitango Health improves the care of transplant patients by extending the provider’s reach to the home setting while enhancing communication and managing care transitions. 

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One Single Platform

FitangoHealth integrates health providers, patients, and caretakers on a single platform. This simplifies communication across all stakeholders, enables greater transparency, accountability and information sharing.


For Transplant Centers, this means more effective patient management outside the hospital, greater coordination of patient care, higher levels of engagement, improved adherence and ultimately, better health outcomes.  

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